18 KG


贝美特除醛艺术壁材( 玉绒)

Bemet aldehyde removal art wall material

产品参数 / Product parameters编号:OU-3058
包装规格KG:18 KG

产品概述 / Product overview贝美特除醛艺术壁材绸缎爽滑手感,高雅的色泽,装饰效果以平面却带来强烈的层叠阴阳面效果,苍韵松古,温劲而雄,行云流水,彰显奢华的装饰风格。

In addition to aldehyde, the artistic wall material of bemett is smooth and elegant, with elegant color. The decorative effect is flat, but it brings strong layering effect of yin and Yang. The cangyun is loose and ancient, warm and vigorous, flowing with clouds and water, showing the luxurious decorative style.

产品性能 / Product performance● 抗菌防霉    ● 防火阻燃    ● 瓷净抗污    ● 防潮防湿
● 空气净化    ● 降解甲醛    ● 施工优异    ● 即刷即住